SAFI Membership Matrix
  • According to the MOI, membership of SAFI is comprised of Employer Associations and Trade Unions partied to the Furniture Bargaining Councils. ( Western Cape, Gauteng and KZN)
  • Individual firms have representation in the Employer Associations, which in turn are voting members of SAFI.

Through consultation it has been agreed on the following:

  1. Employers Organisations
    1. Cape Furniture Manufacturers Association ( CFMA)
    2. Garden Route Employer's Association ( GREA)
    3. Furniture Bedding Upholstery Manufacturers Association ( FBUMA)
    4. Midlands Furniture Manufacturers Association
    5. Kwa-Zulu Natal Furniture Manufacturers Association ( KZNFMA)
    6. Allied Business Association ( ABA)

  2. Trade Unions

    1. National Union of Furniture and Allied Workers of South Africa ( NUFAWSA)
    2. Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union ( CEPPWAWU)

SAFI Value Chain
The key to sustainable income lies in the ability of manufacturing firms to reposition themselves within their value chains. In general, this requires a move out of materials-transforming links in the chain into, or to complement operations with, more knowledge-intensive activities in design, branding, complex manufacturing, marketing and the control logistics.

The complexity of the South African furniture value chain is captured in Figure 1, which focuses on wood furniture only.