SAFI Membership Matrix
  • According to the MOI, membership of SAFI is comprised of Employer Associations and Trade Unions partied to the Furniture Bargaining Councils. ( Western Cape, Gauteng and KZN)
  • Individual firms have representation in the Employer Associations, which in turn are voting members of SAFI.

Through consultation it has been agreed on the following:

  1. Employers Organisations
    1. Cape Furniture Manufacturers Association ( CFMA)
    2. Garden Route Employer's Association ( GREA)
    3. Furniture Bedding Upholstery Manufacturers Association ( FBUMA)
    4. Midlands Furniture Manufacturers Association
    5. Kwa-Zulu Natal Furniture Manufacturers Association ( KZNFMA)
    6. Allied Business Association ( ABA)

  2. Trade Unions

    1. National Union of Furniture and Allied Workers of South Africa ( NUFAWSA)
    2. Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood and Allied Workers Union ( CEPPWAWU)