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March 2017


The bad news is that time flies, the good news is that you're the pilot.

As we get back into the swing of things this 2017, SAFI would just like to take
this opportunity to welcome back everyone in the industry and furthermore wish
you a prosperous and profitable year ahead.

Yes! Time has flown and we're almost at the end of the first quarter but here we
are, still working hard to realise the visions of the South African Furniture



National Database Project
Rebate Application
Furniture Designation Workshops
Call for Applications:

National Pavilion Mozambique
Zambia Outward Trade Mission
IDE Global
Research Focus Group Workshop
Mandatory and Discretionary Grants
Productivity SA Programmes:
Turnaround Solution
Workplace Challenge


Furniture Design Competition
Proudly SA: Buy Local Summit
Randshow 2017
100% Design SA
College of Cape Town Learnership
Killarney Mall
SAFI in partnership with the Furniture
Bargaining Council has embarked on
a project to update the National
Furniture Industry Database
- with
the Western Cape Furniture
Bargaining Council piloting the project
which is soon to follow in the relevant

SAFI has received numerous
international and local enquiries
regarding access to markets in the
country, however due to the
incomplete and out-of-date
database, meeting these requests
and enquiries have proven to be
quite challenging often resulting in
a loss of business opportunity for
the industry - thus we urge
members of the industry and the
council to prioritise this project.

Apart from expanding the industry
market field, the National Furniture
Industry Database Update also aids
the Councils with the update their own
records, which further serves as
statistical data towards industry
research for the Department of Trade
and other industry entities.

The Western Cape Furniture
Bargaining Council piloting the project
through a sample form which was sent
out to the companies in its database
are still awaiting replies from numerous
company's in the region - The
National Furniture Industry Database
is a high priority project, and thus
again we urge all members to follow
up and participate.

For more information please contact
your regional Bargaining Council or
contact SAFI directly at or


SAFI understands that the key to
sustainable income partially lies in the
manufacturer's ability to produce
market relevant goods, and though
the situation of the country will not
always allow for its realisation due to
various factors such as lack of
resources or environmental factors
which results in the industry looking
to imports, which in-turn works out to
be a costly activity.

3926.90.90 Fittings of plastics, for use in the manufacture of furniture classifiable
in tariff heading 94.03
4409.29.90 Wooden dowels (excluding those of bamboo), non-coniferous, for
use in the manufacture of furniture classifiable in tariff heading 94.03
7317.00.02 Wire nails of iron or steel, with shanks pointed at one end, presented
in strips, for use in the manufacture of furniture classifiable in tariff
heading 94.03
7317.00.40 Staples of iron or steel, for use in the manufacture of furniture
classifiable in tariff heading 94.03
8301.30.00 Locks and keys of base metal, for use in the manufacture of furniture
classifiable in tariff heading 94.03
8302.10.00 Hinges of base metal, for use in the manufacture of furniture
classifiable in tariff heading 94.03
8302.42.90 Base metal mountings, fittings and similar articles suitable for
furniture, other, for use in the manufacture of furniture classifiable in
tariff heading 94.03
8305.20.00 Staples in strips of base metal, for use in the manufacture of
furniture classifiable in tariff heading 94.03
SAFI supports rebate applications to
remedy high tariffs imposed on the
industry for the importation of scarce
resources and materials in the

In partnership with The Bravo group
SAFI has supported the industry
rebate application with concerns to
the above listed items.
ITAC (International Trade
Administration Commission
) on
request has indicated that the rebate
investigation is in an advanced stage,
however with regards to collated
nails and staples there has been
objections as there are domestic
suppliers to these materials and
therefore ITAC may possibly not
support these rebate items.
Please note that Abracon supplies
collated nails locally, as well as
Fournel who supplies staples - their
contacts are as follows:

Abracon: Mr Willie Steenberg
Cell: 082 469 8716

Fournel: Mr Jurgens Nell or Fourie Nel
Cell: 083 327 4914/083 381 0498

In collaboration, the DTI and SAFI
has up-to-date held two out of three
Furniture Designation Workshops -
the workshops seek to revise the
thresholds and identify gaps within
the capabilities of the local industry.
Category of
Office Furniture 85%
School Furniture 100%
Base and Mattress 90%
With the need to further improve
participation from manufacturers in
the industry specifically with regards
to tender processing and provision of
locally manufactured furniture to its
relevant entities, these workshops are
held to allow members of the industry
to contribute to the discussions and
way forward ideas to facilitate these

The first workshop was held in
Johannesburg on Thursday the 26th
January 2017 at the IDC Auditorium
in Sandton, with the second which took place in Durban on the 28th February 2017 at the Furniture Bargaining Council
KwaZula Natal. The final workshop will be taking place in Cape Town on the 5th of April at the Furniture Bargaining Council
Western Cape.

With all hands on deck, the workshops should prove to be a collaborative and interactive platform by which the difficulties
raised and concerns identified in the industry would have found possible solutions and alternatives by which a Synopsis will
then follow to announce the way forward.

If you wish to participate in the upcoming workshop which is to be held in the Western Cape, please contact Bernadette
Isaacs at or call 021 286 0821/2 for more information.


The Pavilion in Zambia is a project aimed at increasing mutually beneficial trade and investment activities between South
Africa and Zambia in the forestry /furniture sector.

The project involves a number of activities should lead to the following outcomes:
  • Promote Export of South African products
  • Facilitate investments in the processing industry in the forestry sector
  • Facilitate investments in plantations in Zambia
This is a long term project that involves the strengthening of relationships between the two countries at government level as
well as with the private sector.
Envisaged activities include seminars, business to business meetings, government to government meetings and other
networking opportunities.

The event outlined for the current year is an Outward Trade Mission/Seminar which is to take place in Zambia on the 26th
July 2017 - subject to funding approval. The mission will be followed by more focused strategic meetings between companies
whom are interested in the trade and investment opportunities which will be discussed at the seminar.

If you wish to participate in the upcoming mission which is to be held in Zambia, please contact Bernadette Isaacs at or call 021 286 0821/2 for more information.




The dti extends an invitation to your firm and other exporters of multi-sectorial products to apply to participate in the Feira
International de Maputo
exhibition 2017, scheduled to take place from 27 August - 03 September 2017 in Maputo,

If your company is competitive in the South African market, has been in business for at least two years and is export ready, it
stands to benefit from the dti's Export Marketing and Investment Assistance scheme.
The dti will offer the following financial support to qualifying firms:
  • Exhibition space and booth rental costs
  • Freight-forwarding of display materials
  • Air travel assistance up to R17,000.00(SMME's & BOE's)
  • Daily subsistence allowance of R3,000.00 per day(SMME's & BOE's)
This Trade Fair will focus on the following industries:
  • Agriculture Equipment and Machinery
  • Agro-Processing
  • Metals
  • Mining and Capital Equipment and allied services
  • Electro technical equipment
  • Automotive Components
  • Energy
  • Built Environment and
  • Chemicals (fertilizer and paints)

For more information visit OR

National Pavilion application forms and guidelines can be downloaded via the dti website:

For any enquiries pertaining to applications, sector and/or event please contact:

EMIA Application form enquiries:
Ms Batseba Morudi
Tel: 012 394-1195
Export Promotion enquiries:
Mr Frank Motloung
Tel : 012 394-3898



Creating knowledge-based, internationally competitive,
South African Industries

The Technology and Human Resources for Industry
Programme (THRIP) is a flagship research and
development programme of the dti, which aims to support
research on technologies to develop the
competitiveness of South African industries.

This Technology Programme is designed to enable South
African industries to access innovative responses to
technological needs, while producing a flow of highly skilled
researchers and technology managers, through applied
research performed at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
and Science, Engineering and Technology Institutions

Therefore if you would like to embark on research that
would assist your business and the industry, find the call for
application below and/or get more information at
ntive.jsp?id=52&subthemeid=1 or



IDE (Ideas. Designed. Executed. ) Global would like to
extend their gratitude to the industry and for their support
with last year's 16th Edition Design Mission Africa which
took place in Sandton Convention Centre - Johannesburg
on the 17th and 18th of November 2016.

The South African Furniture Initiative embarked on a
partnership with Ideas Designed Executed (IDE) Global
to introduce the 16th Edition Design Mission African
Conference to the South African furniture industry, which
was the ultimate sales platform - focused on bringing bestin-
class buyers and sellers together in an exclusive and
captivating environment to do business.

During the two days, the buyers and suppliers had prescheduled
face to face meetings according to their choices.
This helped in closing a number of business deals during
the course of two days.

16th Edition Design Mission Africa was not only about the
face to face meetings. During the course of two days, there
were several panel discussions and key note presentations
consisting of imminent names from the African real estate
industry such as CEO of SACCI: Mr. Alan Mukoki who was
the chief guest speaker, followed by the likes of Nana
Kwame Bediako, President, Founder & CEO of Petronia
City and WondaWorld Estates and Joe Odhiambo, CEO of
Agrément South Africa

The event was a success with a record breaking 450
attendees including 150 buyer companies and 85
supplier companies from around 50 countries from all
over the world
making it literally the biggest summit in the
African continent.
For more information on this event, please see IDE's Post Event Report, you can also view the Image Gallery or visit their
website for more information about IDE and what they do.

You can also view their event programme for 2017 below:
1 10th Edition Hotelier
Summit- South Africa
Johannesburg 20-21st April 2017
2 11th Edition Hotelier
Summit - Middle East
Doha, Qatar May 2017 (Dates to be
3 12th Edition Hotelier
Mumbai, India 31st May - 2 June
4 2nd Edition Mission Italia Milan, Italy June 2017 (dates to be
5 IDE Expo Summit - India Bengaluru, India 13th - 14th October
6 IDE Expo Summit - KSA Jeddah, KSA December 2017
7 13th Edition Hotelier
Summit - North Africa
Morocco October 2017
8 17th Edition Design
Mission Africa
Johannesburg/ Cape Town,
South Africa
November 2017

PUM is a non-profit, Netherland based organisation
established in 1978 by the Dutch employers' federation
VNO-NCW, with financial support from the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1978 they have assisted
over 40,000 organisations world-wide.

PUM is a mentorship programme whose vision lies in the
empowerment and sustainability of entrepreneurship
through imparting knowledge that strengthens and
transforms businesses.
PUM is operational in 70 developing countries and
emerging markets, working with senior expert volunteers
who have gained 30 years professional experience giving
advice on the work floor.

PUM believes that small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) are the backbone of sustainable economic
development and as a catalyst of innovation, job creation
and growth. Beyond generating economic benefits, SMEs
are equally important for providing solutions to social and
development problems, such as poverty, food insecurity,
gender and social disempowerment, and for promoting the
growth of a green economy.

The programme is structured in a way that you may sign up
for a minimum of 10 working days or a maximum of 20
working days.

International travel cost is paid by PUM, while local costs
such as accommodation, food and traveling expenses are
to be paid by the businesses.

The requirements are as follows:
  • Your business needs to fall into the SMME group.
  • Company to have 15-100 staff
  • 2 years in operation
  • Turnover and Balance Sheet
  • information to submit (3 year AFS)
  • Locally owned
For more information please visit or make contact with the relevant representative in your region:
Gauteng Region:
Lex Van Der Mey
Tel: +27117921437
Western Cape Region:
Lesley Africa
Tel: +2783 650 7732
Akash Singh
Tel: + 27 31 201 0788
Fax: + 27 31 201 9425




Apart from enabling business opportunities for the South African Furniture Industry, SAFI also prioritises setting the scene for successful business transactions by sculpting our local small, medium and microenterprises (SMME's) enabling them to successfully engage with the economy and the opportunities it has to offer, and furthermore even improve and grow.

With 2017 here, don't find yourself in the same position as you did last year or even the year prior to the latter, SAFI in partnership with Productivity SA and the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) has a solution to your business situation.

The Productivity SA Turnaround Solution Programme wants to improve your business situation!

The TAS (Turnaround Solution) programme has been around for 19 Years, building and strengthening the functional and operational processes of businesses, through practical implementation of successful technical business strategies.

These related 'business specific' issues are addressed by either Productivity SA staff, many of whom are Industrial Engineers, or subject matter experts we'll source when needed.
So if your business is experiencing a decline in sales and production, or is facing a possible large retrenchment, or is in distress whether it is financial or managerial - you have found the solution and the GOOD NEWS is that TAS interventions are now* fully funded - the cost associated with the implementation of a jointly developed turnaround strategy is 100% covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) -an agency of the Department of Labour.

For growth opportunities look no further than the Workplace
Challenge, another progressive initiative from Productivity SA. This
two year project focuses on improving enterprise competitiveness
through industrial clusters through implementation of the basic
principles of continuous improvement in existing establishments who
aren't necessarily in distress but seek to further their horizon.

Whatever the situation, we probably have a solution.

For more information you may visit
or contact Albert Brink at or telephone
+27 (0) 21 910 8143


Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups of the 2016/2017
Furniture Design Competition

Two Interior Design students from Tshwane University of
Technology (TUT) in Pretoria were in the running to win this
year's Furniture Design Competition - Ms. Patience Rachidi
(23) and Ms. Domine Stapelberg (20) who are both third
year students at the TUT.

Rachidi, who was born in Ga-Sekhukhune in Limpopo,
says she was ecstatic and never thought one day she
would get an opportunity to be a finalist while being a
student. She says it has not always been easy being a
designer, but she always knew she had it in her to succeed
in her career path. "I always knew I was good at drawing
since I was still in primary school - at some point I even
tried to convince my mother to allow me to quit high school
and go straight to an art school," says Rachidi - she
believes the competition will grow her creative skills.

Stapelberg from Montana, Pretoria, says participating in a
design competition has always been one of her goals since
she knew her passion lied in creating spaces, designs and
innovation. She says it was awesome to finally reap the
rewards of being committed and hard working towards
being a better designer. Stapelberg adds that the
fascinating aspect of art and design is that every project is
different and requires one to have a different perspective
and an elevated level of creativity each time.

The Department of Trade and Industry hosted their
annual Furniture Design Competition in Durban on
the 20th March 2017.

The annual Furniture Design Competition is one of
the DTI's Industrial Policy Action Plan furniture
programmes aimed at responding to the design skills
shortage in the furniture industry.

The competition took place at the Durban Decorex
Exhibition , where participants had the opportunity to
showcase their designs and participate in the running
to win a one-year internship, design software training
or a graphic design tablets.

From Left: Ms. Patience Rachidi (Finalist); Sphiwe Masango
(Winner); Domine Stapelberg (Finalist)

The programme coordinator responsible for Interior
Designing at TUT's Department of Visual Communications:
Mr. Clifford Moleko says that the two finalists representing
the university possess great work ethic and potential, he
further extends that the university prioritises promoting a
culture of excellence amongst their students. He insists
that student exposure to various competitions such as the
Furniture Design Competition and other industry
programmes with regards to this discipline is important for
the growth of innovation and design standards.

"The DTI competition will bear good fruits for the
department in the future. It is very relevant to what we do
as part of our programme specifically with the focus on
furniture design. It speaks to some of the work that the
students could make in their future career paths," says

The Acting MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and
Environmental Affairs in KwaZulu-Natal, Mr Mxolisi Kaunda
present at the Prize giving ceremony and had a few words
of his own to share - Mr Mxolisi Kaunda says the Furniture
Design Competition should be an extension of
government's vision of creating a thriving furniture hub in
the country.

He continued to praise the design competition and further
went on to mention that the competition intervenes with
positive contributions to the development of the design
skills in the sector and that It will equally go a long way
towards addressing the chronic skill shortage in the
furniture industry.

MEC Mxolisi Kaunda addressing the Furniture Design
Competition held in Durban.

Speaking at the same event, Furntech Chief Executive
Officer, Mr Michael Reddy said he was happy with the
growth and quality of designs that the finalists have
produced and submitted - "As judges, we were looking for
innovation that is more practical and functional. The finalists
and winners produced their best work since the start of the
competition three years ago. We are now in discussions
with winners and some finalists to help them with
manufacturing capabilities of their designs," said Reddy.

He added that he would like to see more young designers
given an opportunity and platforms to display and express
their creative ideas and designs.
Playground Creatives, who designs and manufactures
affordable premium furniture that is mobile friendly and
multi-functional, took first price in the Established Category
- They said that the journey still continues and that this is a
big motivation for all of us to do even better and inspire
others who always wanted to make a breakthrough in the
industry… furthermore they looking forward to participating
in an international exhibition as part of their winning.

Masango from the Tshwane University of Technology
who won the Students Category could not control his
emotions when his name was announced. He won a oneyear
internship with one of the biggest Cape Town design
firms, design software training, as well as graphic design
tablet. Masango said he was proud of his achievement and
grateful to the dti for giving students the opportunity to
expose their creative minds.

The winners in respect to their categories are as

Name: Mpumelelo Mfula
Company: The Playground Creatives
Province: Gauteng

Name: Sphiwe Masango
Institution: Tshwane University of Technology
Province: Gauteng

Name: Maria Seruwe
Institution: Graft Creations
Province: North West

Issued by: The Department of Trade and Industry
Twitter: @the_dti

For more information or for queries please contact the
Departmental Spokesperson - Sidwell Medupe on:

Tel: (012) 394 1650
Mobile: 079 492 1774


Proudly South African, the country's National Buy Local Campaign is hosting the 6th Annual Proudly South African Buy Local
Summit and Expo - as patriots of this great land SAFI will be attending and you should too.

Visit us at the Sandton Convention Centre at Stand L19 from the 3 - 4 April 2017.

For more information, visit


NB: The Johannesburg Design Week will be taking place at the Randshow!

For more information on this event, visit

100% Design South Africa presents a showcase and celebration of the unique and renowned design spirit of the Mother City
at Decorex Cape Town in April 2017.
Conceptualised and curated by 100% Design South
Africa's Creative Director, Cathy O'Clery, We are Cape
celebrates some of the enablers, curators,
collaborators, studios and designers who have put the city
on the world's design map. The exhibition will be one of the
main attractions of Decorex Cape Town, which takes place
from 27 - 30 April 2017.

"The Cape Town design community plays a substantial role
in our society by creating outstanding environments for our
tourists, jobs for our residents, beautiful interior solutions for
homes, and work that resonates across the globe," Cathy
O'Clery explains. "We Are Cape Town is dual purpose -
putting the spotlight on the city as a nurturer and hub of
creative talent and promoting a community that plays a
substantial part in the economic growth of the city."

We are Cape Town will feature work by Cape Town-based
design practitioners, including some of our very own SAFI

Images courtesy of Vogel Design

Images courtesy of Casamento

members such Casamento and John Vogel, who form part
of the Woodstock Foundry collective of designers. Other
design collectives include studio mates Clementina van der
Walt, Peta Becker and Hoi P'loy, Michael Chandler and
some of the Chandler House collaborators as well as the
stable of designers working with Robin Sprong Wallpapers.
O'Clery has chosen work from a wide number of design
disciplines in order to reflect the depth and range of the
local industry.

We are Cape Town is a standalone exhibition within
Decorex Cape Town and acts as an enticing forerunner to
100% Design South Africa's main event, which is held in
Johannesburg at Gallagher Convention Centre from 9 to 13
August 2017. Visitors to the Johannesburg event can
expect to see a similarly themed exhibition that pays
homage to Gauteng's design collaborators, called We Are

100% Design South Africa at Decorex Cape Town:

Decorex Cape Town: 27 - 30 April 2017
Time: 10am - 6pm daily
Ticket prices: Adults: R95, Pensioners: R85, Children under 12: R20
Venue: Cape Town International Conference Centre

For more information visit:

Facebook: 100% Design South Africa
Twitter: @100designsa
Instagram: @100percentdesignsa



National Certificate:
Furniture Making
Wood NQF L2

This opportunity applies to school leavers with good hand kills, those from technical
high schools or existing workers in the sector seeking a formal qualification.


For more information contact:

Ms. Elaine Oosthuizen
Tel: 021 4643821


SAFI presents to you Killarney Mall Exhibitions for your
business needs - we have negotiated with Killarney Mall
the most reasonable exhibition prices tailored to serve the

The demographics within the area have undergone a
complete 360 degree change in the last few years and has
become the hotspot for a market with high spending power.
There are weekly general exhibitions of art and leisure,
furniture, hobby and crafts as well as themed monthly
events - such as the annual Valentines Expo which
recently took place from 6-13th Feb 2017 at the mall.
The vision this year is to bring and include Soft
Furnishings/Fabrics, exclusive Jewelry suppliers as well as
Interior crafts and designs incorporating African styled

Killarney is a boutique style Mall bringing in stores of fine
quality and eloquence.

If you have any further queries contact details are listed

Killarney Mall Exhibitions:

Rory Keith
Mobile: +27 (81) 749-1570

The Riversands Incubation Hub is a not-for-profit organisation that offers subsidized rentals which offers business support
services to assist small business growth.

Unlike a commercial lease, they offer entrepreneur-friendly terms - they don't require collateral, a long trading history or long
lease terms (our leases are one-year with a 30 day cancellation period).

Riversands have spaces ranging from 50 square metres to 200 square metres and currently have about four businesses in
furniture manufacturing. As a large scale incubator (they have space for 150 small businesses onsite), their mission is to see
the South African economy grow with the addition of sustainable new businesses and to uplift the nearby township of
Diepsloot by creating new jobs.

You are welcome to liaise directly with Ms. Victoria Williams should you wish to explore this opportunity further or have any
further queries:
Tel: 011 012 4617

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placement Experience programme, funded by the FP&M SETA exposes students to the
context and requirements of professional practice and provides students with the opportunity to gain experience and develop
their skills.

Through SAFI's application for the Work WIL Placement Experience programme - Yonela one of the eight students placed
by SAFI and a final year student from False Bay College who joint the WIL Placement Experience Programme in July 2016,
was placed as an intern at Coricraft and in less than a year she has been promoted to a permanent employee!


Francois Pietersen, the training officer at Coricraft says that Yonela has risen to the challenges that Coricraft have put to her,
and that she has made a great impression with her work ethics and determination. Part of Coricraft's mission is to provide
employment to individuals like Yonela.

If your business is interested in this initiative, please contact SAFI for more information.



75 Harrington Street
Cape Town

Tel: +27 212 860 821/2
Fax: +27 864 438 028


Office 305
3rd Floor Northcliff Atrium
189 Beyers Naude Drive

Tel: 0118880655