Productivity Programmes
Apart from enabling business opportunities for the South African Furniture Industry, SAFI also prioritises setting the scene for successful business transactions by sculpting our local small, medium and microenterprises (SMME's) enabling them to successfully engage with the economy and the opportunities it has to offer, and furthermore even improve and grow.

With 2017 here, don't find yourself in the same position as you did last year or even the year prior to the latter, SAFI in partnership with Productivity SA and the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) has a solution to your business situation.

The Productivity SA Turnaround Solution Programmewants to improve your business situation!

The TAS (Turnaround Solution) programme has been around for 19 Years, building and strengthening the functional and operational processes of businesses, through practical implementation of successful technical business strategies.

These related 'business specific' issues are addressed by either Productivity SA staff, many of whom are Industrial Engineers, or subject matter experts we'll source when needed.
So if your business is experiencing a decline in sales and production, or is facing a possible large retrenchment, or is in distress whether it is financial or managerial - you have found the solution and the GOOD NEWS is that TAS interventions are now* fully funded - the cost associated with the implementation of a jointly developed turnaround strategy is 100% covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) -an agency of the Department of Labour.

For growth opportunities look no further than the Workplace
Challenge, another progressive initiative from Productivity SA. This
two year project focuses on improving enterprise competitiveness
through industrial clusters through implementation of the basic
principles of continuous improvement in existing establishments who
aren't necessarily in distress but seek to further their horizon.

Whatever the situation, we probably have a solution.

For more information you may visit
or contact Albert Brink at or telephone
+27 (0) 21 910 8143